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Mr Linh's Homestay - How to Pay

As we know paying abroad came quickly become a hassle and involve extra fees, we have decided to set up the list of payment methods we work with and the fees to remain transparent with our travellers:

Debit/ Credit Card with OnePay

OnePAY is the leading payment processing company in Vietnam since 2006. We are working with them for their electronic payment packages which cover mobile apps and online services.

If you choose to pay via debit or credit card, as soon as you agree with the amount to pay with a member of the team, an invoice will be edited through OnePAY and a payment link sent to your email address.

Click on the link, review the details, and process your payment if you agree. Please note that OnePAY only supports payments in VND so the amount will be automatically modified following the current rate (rate mentioned in the content of the invoice).

Fees: OnePAY applies 3.3% card handling fees on each transaction processed via their system with a non-Vietnamese credit or debit card.


This is one of the most famous and globally used payment system. PayPal enjoys a good reputation and high trust all over the world. We offer this possibility to our customers to make their journey start easy!

Fees: There is no transaction fee to use PayPal for your purchases but only in the same currency as your account. For payment overseas the fees applied are 4.4% (for Vietnam) + Fixed fees depending on your currency.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are now very easy and the development of user-friendly mobile apps have helped a lot. However, it remains today a costly service to use when it comes to international transfers. So if your bank does not charge too much for international payments, go ahead and stay simple! No need to create another account or profile with another banking system.

Fees: The fees applied will depend from the customer’s personal bank. The customer must inform his bank, or tick the box, that he/she will be chargeable for the incurred fees. Please note that we are charged a small amount as well from our bank in Vietnam.
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